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About Us

806 Activewear is a fitness clothing line designed for men and women who strive to stay fashionably active and fit. 806 reminds you to stay healthy and fit, spread infinite love and compassion to others. Our brand reminds you stay at peace no matter what is happening around you, to have self discipline, self confidence, and to do something that benefits other people.

It's a reminder to love and treat everyone with kindness, no matter the size or shape. Everyone fits in at 806 and that is why we specialize in all sizes for men and women and also offer customizable packages for those who want items made to their measurements.

Besides 806 unique designs, we use very stretchy fabric that is comfortable and designed beautifully. We offer a variety of active/sportswear and is known for our many styles and collections.

We have 2 collections that stands us out. Our Exclusive collection are handmade items made from scratch put together piece by piece. This collection can be customized and made to measurements and height. You can also choose almost any color and certain fabrics you like. We help you choose wisely and what best fits your taste. This collection items won't be found anywhere else.

Our other items are items we also love and have decided to wear and sale. These items fit our style and brand.